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Thousands of future college students use Money Study to get help finishing their college financial aid applications.

We work with students to simply the financial aid process and demystify the FAFAS.

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Take care of your financial aid application

Every year high school seniors leave billions of dollars of free financial aid on the table. Don't be one of them.


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A few words about Money Study

Money Study is a virtual counseling service to knock out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Snoring yet? So are students, which is why high school seniors left $2.7 billion in free student aid on the table last academic year. When students mess up any of the 150+ questions it can equal losing thousands of dollars in free aid. We’re helping the 3.6 million students due to graduate this year complete FAFSA without errors (including 1.5 million who don’t fill it out at all, mostly because they don’t realize they’re eligible). Our goal is to simplify a complicated part of applying to college so that (lacking) financial literacy is not a barrier to getting the financial help a college student deserves

Level-up through the financial aid process together.

We’re simplifying the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the universal gateway to loans and grants for college.

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